Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Neither Rain, nor Cold, nor Dark of Night...

...will keep a candidate from his campaign rounds.

I've mentioned to colleagues a number of times that Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews is an aggressive, dogged grassroots campaigner. To wit: at 7:30pm tonight (windy, rainy, 40 degrees outside) who rings my doorbell? Phil Andrews! Going door-to-door in my neighborhood handing out campaign literature, talking to people and drumming up support nearly a year before the primary election. He had a bit of a startled look on his face when I answered the door (obviously didn't realize it was my house).

I wonder how many of the other County Council candidates (incumbents or otherwise) are walking their precincts at this point in the election season? The guy's impressive in that regard, and true to his word.... I was meeting with him yesterday (as part of an AIM delegation) and he mentioned that he planned to knock on thousands of doors between now and the election. Guess he didn't waste time starting!

Now, we'll just have to see how he responds to the issue agenda AIM plans to introduce early next year....


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