Thursday, January 26, 2006

People-Powered Ali

The first real test of the Maryland 2006 election season occurred last week, without much fanfare, as candidates had to report their 2005 fundraising numbers. A disappointing report can be the beginning of the end for some campaigns. On the other hand, a strong showing can be a serious boost to a campaign, especially a challenger. Might that scenario be playing out in the District 39 House of Delegates race?

Saqib Ali,* who is challenging the three sitting incumbents in the District 39 Democratic primary for State Delegate, reported raising more than double what his opponents managed last year... combined! I have to say, in all the years I've been involved in local politics, I have never heard of a non-incumbent, primary challenger raising the amount of money Ali has (over $60,000) for a House race. It's completely unprecedented, in my opinion! And to have done it without accepting PAC or corporate money, well.... Delegates Barkley, King and Stern better watch out.

Thanks to Hello, MoCo for the link to the Post article.

*Full disclosure: I have been an active supporter of Ali's for some time, and have mentioned his campaign before (here and here). FWIW, I am also a resident of District 39.

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