Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WaPo Blogs

The Washington Post, in case you hadn't noticed, has moved into the blogosphere the past few months. The venerable newspaper's website was hosting nearly 2 dozen blogs the last time I checked. Some of the Post's columnists, like Marc Fisher, are penning pages that allow them to go beyond their allotted space in the print edition, while a number of other blogs are being written by groups of reporters and editors around more specific topics.

A couple of the Post blogs that may be of interest to Political Yak readers are County Connections and Maryland Moment which cover "news and notes" from both county and state perspectives in Maryland. They're both worth checking out, and be sure to read through the comment sections as well.

Speaking of which, last week I was caught up in an interesting exchange between a couple of commenters on a County Connections post on a recently released poll. Basically, one of the commenters took issue with the poll's methodology and that started the ball rolling. I thought some interesting points were raised that warranted further examination, and well... you can read the exchange for yourself if you are interested. I still haven't had the time to delve deeper into the numbers, but I'll be sure to let you know when I have something to report.

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