Monday, July 17, 2006

And the Winner Is... Undecided!

The Baltimore Sun reports today on another US Senate poll that shows a statistical dead heat between Democratic rivals Ben Cardin and Kweisi Mfume, though "undecided" still ranked higher than either candidate.

The Democratic primary poll results:
Undecided - 36%
Cardin - 32%
Mfume - 28%
All other candidates included in the poll were hovering around 1%.

That's a statistical tie given the polls margin of error. However, Cardin's campaign wasted little time, sending out an email to supporters this afternoon that stated that the poll "illustrates our strong position as we head into these critical final weeks...." and touting the general election section of the poll that showed him as the only Democratic candidate with a "double-digit lead" over the expected Republican nominee, Michael Steele.

General election poll results:
Cardin - 47%
Steele - 36%

Mfume - 42%
Steele - 40%
The poll of 1200 likely voters was conducted July 6-10 and contains a 4.1% margin of error for the primary, 2.8% for the general election.

The Sun poll comes on the heel of a recent Washington Post poll that surprised some analysts by showing Mfume leading Cardin by 6 points.

Of course, as this afternoon's email from the Cardin camp noted, there are still nearly 2 months to go until the primary and "eight weeks is a lifetime in a campaign."

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