Friday, July 14, 2006


Maryland Dems are responding to what they say is a misleading ad recently aired by Governor Bob Ehrlich. The GOP ad quotes Comptroller and former Governor William Donald Schaefer as saying Ehrlich "faced the most difficult task of any governor in his lifetime" and then goes on to quote the nonprofit Chesapeake Bay Foundation as saying "the most significant environmental initiative in a generation."

Apparently the quotes are accurate, though taken without context. However, concerned that the quotes may be interpreted as an endorsement, Schaefer has asked the Governor to remove his name from the ad, saying that he intends to support the Governor's opponent, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation also demanded its logo be removed (which the Ehrlich campaign did do).

The Maryland Democratic Party has now released a web-based ad called the "Misleader" (Windows or Quicktime) that tackles what they believe are the Governor's misleading statements.

What do you think? Is Governor Ehrlich hoping to confuse voters into thinking Schaefer and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation have endorsed him?

Hat tip: Matt Mosk at the Maryland Moment

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