Monday, July 10, 2006

Steele Praises Mfume!?!

Sharon in MD has written a piece on Daily Kos that takes an interesting look at the two leading African American candidates for Maryland's open US Senate seat, current Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele (R) and former Congressman and NAACP chief Kweisi Mfume (D).

It seems Mfume was a guest on a talk radio show when Steele called in and offered some unexpected praise. Some wonder, why? Hmm.... Let's see, maybe:
A) Steele is a nice guy and they're buddies.

B) Steele thinks he has a better chance of beating Mfume than another Dem candidates.

C) Steele thinks he has less of a chance of beating Mfume than other Dem candidates and is actually using a Rovian-like political ploy to steer Dems away from him (remember the GOP talking points about how they wanted Dean to win the nom in '04?); the thinking goes that Steele's praise may actually turn Dem voters off Mfume (you know, if Steele likes him there must be something wrong).

D) Steele hopes by being nice he may be able to keep some African American votes in the GOP column even if he runs against Mfume.

E) A combination of all of the above.

F) Something else entirely.
Any thoughts?

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