Monday, July 10, 2006

Underdogs' Campaign Creativity

Well, it looks like it's not just Saqib Ali's campaign that's gone to the dogs, but Jamie Raskin's as well! The Post notes that the State Senate candidate is handing out dog biscuits as he canvasses District 20. The treats feature a photo of Raskin's dog and the slogan "Jamie Is a Democrat in Dogged Pursuit of the Common Good."

Good stuff!

Seriously, I'm not trying to make fun of Ali and Raskin. They're both underdogs (no pun intended) and challenging entrenched incumbents in a system that stacks the deck against such challenges. They have to bring an energy and creativity to their campaigns just to be heard and seen as serious contenders (which I believe they are).

I've seen more interesting and invigorating campaigns this year than I have in more than a decade, thanks almost entirely to young challengers who have the guts to take on the status quo despite the odds. More than a few incumbents should take note... or they will find themselves looking at the state house from the outside sooner than they may have anticipated.

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