Thursday, August 10, 2006

Best Candidate Website in Maryland?

Heather Mizeur has the best candidate website in the state of Maryland, according to Maryland Politics Watch. She's running for Delegate in District 20. Honestly, I hadn't looked at it until today (not my district you know), but I have to agree that it's pretty darn good. I love the music on the main page and the seamless integration of the video clips. Navigation is simple, and so on and so on. It certainly puts my HTML skills to shame.

Another who's in the running for best site has got to be Tom Perez, who's running for Attorney General. Aside from just the pure aesthetics of the site and the integration of video (which are similar to Mizeur's) Perez makes further use of the latest technology by including a blog (always a plus in my book), reaching out to bloggers with code snippets for online buttons and banners, and even offering campaign updates via SMS text message. Very impressive, and indicative of what I have heard is a very well organized campaign.

Interestingly, both Mizeur's and Perez's websites were designed by Portfolio Productions. Hmmm... maybe next time I've mucked up my template and style sheet, I should give them a call and have them do a redesign of the Yak? Nah, I suspect I couldn't afford them, but they certainly do fine work.

So, any other nominations for best candidate website?

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Tags: Heather Mizeur; Tom Perez; website design

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