Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do You Believe in Polls?

Well, I suppose that depends on the poll....

There was a recent poll on the Maryland Comptroller race that showed Janet Owens within striking distance of William Donald Schaefer. However, it was then reported that Owens had major financial ties to the polling company. That could certainly cause one to question the accuracy of the information. Maybe Peter Franchot is closer than they think?

Then there was the County Exec push-poll/not-a-push-poll (depending on which candidate's camp you're in). The press (Examiner and Post) on this one also doesn't lead one to put much faith in polling (though to be fair, it was an internal campaign poll and the results weren't public).

Anyway, I've been in search of good poll for the Montgomery County Executive and County Council races. It's been a frustrating search so far. But, hold on a minute.... Hey, look at that! MoCoPolitics has a couple online polls up! Alright folks, this is your chance. Give me some data!

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