Monday, August 07, 2006

Local Deaniacs Endorse Candidates

Nearly a hundred political activists and members of Democracy for Montgomery County (DFMC) gathered in Wheaton yesterday afternoon for their annual picnic and cookout. As people sat enjoying the shade and potluck offerings, one of the organizers, Gina Angiola of Olney, launched the event's program by announcing DFMC's first-ever campaign endorsements. Dave Paulson, Communications Director of the Maryland Democratic Party, followed with an update on the Party's coordinated campaign efforts and tips for volunteers who wish to engage the media.

DFMC Endorsements - After polling active members of the countywide group on candidates who had submitted their names for consideration, the following four endorsements were made:
Donna Edwards for Congress (MD-04)

Marc Elrich for County Council (At-Large)

Ike Leggett for County Executive

Jamie Raskin for State Senate (D-20)
DFMC is encouraging all of its members to contribute to and volunteer with these campaigns. All of the endorsees (as well as at least a dozen other candidates for various offices) attended the event, where staff, volunteers and activists were busy signing up campaign workers, handing out literature, bumperstickers, yard signs and discussing a variety of issues.

In addition to the endorsements, the group also threw its support behind Martin O'Malley for Governor.

DFMC was formed by local volunteers and progressive activists who were inspired by Democracy for America (DFA) and its mission of "supporting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates at all levels of government."

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