Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No Joe?

Interesting news in today's headline race in Connecticut. MSNBC is reporting that Joe Lieberman's website has been the target of a cyberattack that has essentially knocked it (and the campaign's email server) off the net. So, on election day there's no Joe2006.com.


Lieberman has blamed "political opponents" for the attack, though he offered no evidence. His challenger in today's Democratic primary, Ned Lamont, issued a statement denying any involvement and denouncing the attack.

Websites are attacked every day, but this one concerns me because, one, this is a major campaign of (arguably) national significance and it is worrisome that hackers could possibly disrupt a campaign/election like this. Two, the MSM has been all over the netroots angle of Lamont's campaign and the hack is already feeding the wingnuts ammunition for a liberal-bloggers-are-black-hatters rant. Just what we need, more blogger-bashing. It's all Kos' fault you know!

Hopefully the investigation will successfully identify the perps, whoever they are. And a lesson to campaigns out there on the internets... make sure you have a backup site/hosting service so you don't go down at crunch time. Scary!

Tags: Ned Lamont; Joe Lieberman

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