Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pump Up the Volume! Or Not.

Neighbors for a Better Montgomery (aka: NeighborsPAC) released their Montgomery County Council and County Executive endorsements last week, zeroing in on their perennial issue of developer campaign contributions. Now, they're showing a surprising bit of creativity and following up the endorsements with a web-based musical animation - the County Council Can Can.

Word of the cartoon is spreading quickly (it came up in conversation at today's DFMC picnic) and the local blogosphere is weighing in:

Hello, MoCo simply notes, "No matter what your political views are, this is pretty funny/bizarre/worth watching...."

Just Up the Pike laments, " vile this election season in Montgomery has gotten."

New MoCo Progressive raves that the clip " destined to become a classic" and " worth viewing at least three times."

UPDATE: A couple other blogs have now chimed in with their two-cents worth:
Outside the Beltway thinks NeighborsPAC isn't being so neighborly and that their "animated press release" is simply "more... cheap red meat to send out to the NeighborsPAC supporters to build a bigger chest before the primary."

Sprawling Towards Montgomery want s to know "which council members receive contributions from NeighborsPAC members..." because he would "like to hold them accountable for three minutes of my life now lost forever...."
Personally, I think it's funny and it tackles what is arguably (at least at this point) the dominant issue in this year's Council/Executive races, so you have to give Neighbors props for that.

I will point out however, that this is not the first animation to enter the fray of this MoCo election season. A while back County Executive candidate Bob Fustero created a short flick lampooning his two rivals for the Democratic nomination.

So, what do you think? Is the "Can-Can" a creative bit of campaigning on a legitimate issue? Is it bringing MoCo politics to a new low? Or is it so childish it should just be ignored?

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