Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who's Behind Site Attacking Leggett?

Someone has been making their way around numerous Montgomery County blogs and leaving comments linking to a website attacking Ike Leggett. The same commenter emailed me (and at least two other local bloggers) with this brief message:
This link: http://www.ifweelectike.com/ It looks as if the supporters of Steve Silverman are attacking early.
Was that message a hot tip fom a Leggett supporter outing a clever attack? Not unless Leggett has a mole inside the Silverman camp. You see in actuality, the commenter appears to have been using an internet connection inside the Silverman campaign! I tracked their IP address, and look what I found:
Results of IP Tracking for

Hostname: 12.e3bed1.client.atlantech.net
ISP: Atlantech Online, Inc.
Country: United States
Extra Technical Information:
Atlantech Online, Inc.
AOI1999B (NET-209-190-192-0-1) -
Citizens for Steve Silverman
NET-209-190-227-16-29 (NET-209-190-227-16-1) -

Now, I have refrained from publicly supporting any candidate for County Executive, but it pisses me off to no end that someone is jumping into the election fray, making claims of objectivity, while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

I don't know if Silverman's campaign is actually behind the site (it certainly does not have the obligatory "authority" tag). Perhaps it is simply the work of an independent Silverman supporter. However, at the very least, it would appear to this blogger that Silverman's staff or volunteers are certainly promoting it.

So, Montgomery County blogosphere, who is behind If We Elect Ike? The public deserves to know! I open the floor to your comments....

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