Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Al Wynn Is Fighting for His Life

A front page story in yesterday's Washington Post takes a serious look at Donna Edwards whose insurgent campaign in Maryland's 4th Congressional District has sent entrenched incumbent Al Wynn reeling.

WTOP radio has posted audio (mp3) of what was supposed to be a Mark Plotkin interview with both candidates. It turns out Wynn was unable to make it (?!?), but you can still listen to Edwards (about 15 minutes in).

In related news, video of Edwards' comments at the NAACP forum earlier this month (you know, the event where Wynn's Congressional staff physically assaulted an Edwards volunteer) has surfaced on YouTube.

Check it out - this is why grassroots support continues to grow for Donna Edwards and Al Wynn is in the fight of his political life!

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