Sunday, September 10, 2006

Post, Teachers Endorse Saqib Ali!

This morning the Washington Post endorsed Saqib Ali for Delegate in District 39! The influential paper wrote:
Political newcomer Saqib Ali has shown good command of issues and would bring new vigor to this district's delegation.
I couldn't agree more!

The Post's endorsement of Ali comes on the heels of the teachers' union endorsement of his progressive, grassroots campaign and is yet another blow to incumbent Joan Stern who lost both endorsements. Stern was also dropped from the D39 Slate by her peers in the General Assembly. Of course, it's a four-way race for three seats, and though Stern would seem to be the weakest candidate, she remains popular in some areas of the district and it remains to be seen which three candidates will prevail.

[Disclosure: I am a friend of Ali's, and have been a longtime supporter/volunteer with his campaign. I live in District 39.]

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