Monday, February 04, 2008

Mail Call: McCain x 3; DCCC; NRCC

Alright, it's been three weeks since I've gone through the Political Yak mail bag and things seem to have picked up a bit even though my (new) home state of Texas doesn't vote until next month. Both parties' nominations are still up for grabs, with no overwhelming lead in the races on either side of the aisle, so it looks like those of us in yet-to-vote states are primarily being tapped for funding the nomination fights and party building, at least so far, on the direct mail side of things.

Senator John McCain has been quite prolific since the first of the year, with 3 fundraising appeals in the last 4 weeks (all similar to his last piece) as he attempts to make up lost ground. I haven't seen any recent fundraising totals, but it's fairly obvious that McCain, even though he now leads most national polls, will need to substantially buildup his warchest to compete against Governor Mitt Romney who can self-fund his campaign, if he desires.

I also received my first direct mail fundraising pieces of the year from the Dems' DCCC and the GOP's NRCC. The Dem's piece offers the recipient "membership" in the organization, while the GOP includes a "Nationwide Policy Survey."

It'll be interesting to see how the direct mail campaigns change, if the nomination battles are still being waged come March, when the Lone Star state votes.

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