Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thuggery on the Campaign Trail

Well, given last night's event in Largo, the foreign policy debate between Donna Edwards and Al Wynn in Gaithersburg tonight should be interesting!

I've heard from several sources who attended the Prince Georges NAACP Candidate Forum last night, that supporters or volunteers of incumbent Al Wynn physically attacked one of Donna Edwards' volunteers just prior to the event.

According to one observer, there was some type of disagreement about the posting of campaign signs near the parking lot. The situation escalated to the point of violence as a Wynn backer "slugged" the Edwards volunteer in the face, leaving a bloody gash just over his left eye.

The police were called and the still bleeding "slugee" identified his attacker who was apparently detained, along with another Wynn supporter.

The Gazette quotes Wynn as saying that the whole incident may have been a publicity stunt by the Edwards campaign. "I hope they don’t think they can intimidate us," he added.

[Insert rant here: Huh?!? The intimidation seems to be coming from the other direction, Congressman! Out of your campaign office!]

The story was picked up by WaPo's Maryland Moment, which included this line: "The gloves really came off when Edwards and Wynn took the stage."

LOL! Yeah, I bet. From what I've heard Donna Edwards wiped the floor with Al Wynn during the forum, leading one of the Republican candidates to quip, "I'm glad she's not my opponent."

I've been promised more info (and pics!) of the incident from a couple of sources, so stay tuned for updates.

Updates: I've posted a pic (above) of the alledged assailant (blue shirt) being handcuffed and detained by police.

WaPo adds some more about the incident and Edwards' outstanding performance at the forum.

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