Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ficker Offers Reward

Robin Ficker, an independent candidate for Montgomery County Executive, is offering cash rewards for information on political sign vandals/thieves. Ficker posted his offer in the comments of the Washington Post's Maryland Moment blog.

Apparently, a number of Ficker's "property tax relief" signs have been removed. He's offering $500 "to anybody giving me information leading to the arrest of the thief or thieves" and $1000 "for information leading to the arrest of any general election candidate involved."

Ficker, in a comment on Just Up the Pike, also offered $5000 for "information leading to the arrest of [Ike] Leggett if he was involved."

Somehow, I think Ficker's bank account is pretty safe. Sign stealing and vandalism happens every election, but I would venture to say that it usually not a coordinated, campaign-directed activity. More likely a few overzealous volunteers acting on their own. Of course you never know.... I've actually heard that a Republican candidate for Delegate has set up video cameras to try catch some of the culprits.

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