Monday, October 23, 2006

Champion of Champions

File this one under Local Media Quote of the Week (for last week)....

Last Thursday's Post had a note about Montgomery County Councilmember Howie Denis' (R-Dist 1) effort to pass emergency legislation to protect so-called "champion" trees. He was successful, as the council gave the bill unanimous approval, but the particular quote that had me LOL was from Ashton resident Steve Kanstoroom who said:
...Howie Denis showed he is a champion of champions.
An image of campaign signs emblazoned with Denis' grinning mug on a Wheaties box and the words "Champion of Champions" sprang to my mind.

Yeah, alright. Maybe it's not that funny, but hey, I haven't posted anything in a month, so give me a break, OK? Oh, and props to Denis for saving some great trees. Seriously.

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